International Benchrest Shooters 100 yard 07/19/2020

We hosted the IBS shooters this weekend for a 100 yard match.

15 Shooters in the Heavy Varmint for Score class

3 Hunter class shooters


Randy Jarvis     250-23x

Tim Rego            250-19x

Skip Plummer  250-19x

Robert Brooks  250-18x

Peter Wass         250-17x


Peter Hills          249-12x

Orland Bunker 248-9x

Skip Plummer  244-11x

Keep in mind, They are shooting a 1/8″ inch diameter dot in the center of the target at 100 yards. 250-25x is a perfect score.

We welcomed a young Lady to the match today,  Raven Bunker from Lincoln County Rifle club. Good shooting !


Chris Mitchell, a moment of ZEN.

A little prayer to the Wind Gods isn’t a bad idea.

A little Eye Candy

A little eye candy



Factory Match 07/12/2020

A BOOM and some smoke to start the day.


Nichole, showing them how its done. Seems we are missing a staple gun?


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