Welcome to Orrington Rod and Gun Club.


NOTICE: Immediate Attention

All targets must be placed on Club provided frames. NO targets are to be placed on poles or the holding fixtures for frames at 100 or 200 yards. All shots must impact a BERM. 

A disturbing fact has come to the attention of the Board of directors. From Orrington Rod and Gun Match director Greg Palman


can you put something on the home page of our web page on facebook to the effect that:
people are NOT to place anything on the gravel and telephone pole barriers to shoot, that are in front of the 100 and 200 yard target butts. They are there to catch a stray bullet, not to act as a target support to be shot up. We have already seen substantial damage to some poles at 200 yards in addition to several bullet strikes on the 2×12 target supports and at least one on the metal forks supporting the 2x12s. 
This has to stop! Members are to shoot at paper targets placed on the upright target boards. 
I don’t know if you want to encourage people shooting clay birds at 200 yds, but if that’s ok PLACE THEM ON THE 15 foot BERM BEHIND THE TARGET BUTTS. 
Unchecked, this is going to be an expensive repair project.
Tks –Greg

The Orrington RG Board has been trying everything possible to provide a safe and affordable place for shooters. We will be taking measures to review camera footage in an attempt to educate those not following our safety rules. Thank you all for your attempts to self police the actions of others. We do not condone confrontation but appreciate calls or emails to make us aware of situations that occur.

Have a safe and successful hunting season.




Working on a fence for the Archery range. We are taking donations and have some money already allocated for the project.  When the fence is finished it will be complete and ready for use.



Our 12 bench rifle range shooting building. We offer a full range for Rifles and Hand Guns. 25, 50, 100 and 200 yard Berms provide ample opportunities to hone your Marksmanship skills.


To add some fun and structure to your shooting, We offer several Factory rifle matches throughout the year. Compete with what you bring. There are several classes of Rifles to compete against like firearms. 22 rimfire class has always been challenging. We shoot targets at 100 yards for all classes. Its a great time with some very talented shooters that are more than willing to lend great advice. We also host International Benchrest Events. Come meet world record holders or join us in a match. Take precision shooting to the next level. Guns from highly modified to factory can compete. For more information on this type of competition, see our Rules page.


Pistol range

We are currently in the process of starting a shooting building for the pistol range. We have been in need of a covered shooting platform for pistol shooting since the range was built. We are lucky enough to have Donations and the proceeds of the current Crosby’s Gun Shop raffle going directly to the upgrade. Currently we do offer A pistol only shooting area with provided target backers for attaching your favorite targets.

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